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for handling email

Sunnybox is a fully featured hosted service for handling your email accounts. Fetch, send and analyze your emails through a single, robust API. Easy email processing for developers.

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Email data potential is unused.

It's time to tap into the goldmine.

SunnyBox provides the fast way to turn raw messaging data into valuable business knowledge. Our service seamlessly links to your email accounts and transforms them into an API that's easy to consume. Forget about complex setups and dive straight into integrating email to your applications.

Sunnybox Messaging CPU

Use Sunnybox as your email processor and build whatever you can imagine.

CRM Integrations

Seamlessly integrate email interactions into Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, ensuring a unified view of customer communications.

Real-time Notifications

Send real-time alerts or notifications through other channels based on email activity using our webhooks.

Automated Actions

Enable rule-based actions on incoming emails, such as tagging, forwarding, or even auto-responding, enhancing workflow efficiency.

Data Analysis

Analyze email data to derive insights on customer behavior, campaign effectiveness, or even operational efficiencies.


Create real-time dashboards reflecting email traffic, customer interactions, or campaign metrics, fostering data-driven decision-making.

Sales Pipelines

Automate the tracking and nurturing of leads through the sales pipeline by managing email communications and follow-ups efficiently.

Automated Conversations

Facilitate automated email exchanges with customers for common queries or actions, enhancing responsiveness and engagement.

Customer Support

Streamline customer support by routing, categorizing, and even auto-responding to customer emails, improving support efficiency.

AI Processing

Utilize Artificial Intelligence to analyze, categorize, or even respond to emails, bringing a higher level of intelligence to email management.

Spam and Fraud Detection

Analyze email content and metadata to identify and filter out spam or fraudulent messages.

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Built for developers

The protocols for handling email are complex and hard to implement. With the rise of AI there is a whole new potential for automatisation. We want to help you with that. We take care of implementation details for IMAP like encodings, MIME and other and provide you with a simple API that you can use to handle email. Further we provide you with AI enhanced features that help you to automate your email handling.

  • Connecting to SunnyBox API… DONE.
  • Fetching last 50 mails… DONE.
  • Analysing with ML… DONE.
  • Triggering webhooks… DONE.
  • Returning JSON:API Payload… DONE.

Seamless IMAP Integration

Quickly connect your IMAP accounts to SunnyBox API and start consuming the API in no time. Our simple sign-up process gets you started without any hassle. We provide guides for you to help you with integrating our service. Visit our docs.

Intuitive JSON:API Responses

We provide your data in a widely-used, standardized format that makes your life easier. This format is called JSON:API and you can find out more about it by visiting the official website.

OpenAPI Documentation

As developers we know the value of up to date documentation so you never get lost in your development journey. We provide a detailed OpenAPI documentation you can explore here.

Incoming Message Webhooks

Incoming emails can be forwarded to your custom endpoints. You do this by grouping accounts and forwarding to a URL using our Streams feature.

EU Hosted & GDPR Compliant

Our servers are located in Frankfurt, Germany. From encryption to saving the least necessary amount of data. We're embracing the high GDRP compliance standards.

New Features To Come

We're set to make Sunnybox the easiest messaging API. Therefore we're closely listening to your feedback to continously improve and evolve the service.


Sunnybox provides you the best experience combined with the highest data & privacy safety. Have a look at our Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy to get more detailed insights.

What is your pricing?

We believe in fair pricing.

Do you store my emails?

No. We do not store your emails.

Do you store credentials?

Yes. We store your encrypted IMAP credentials to be able to fetch your emails.

Sunnybox is easy.

We believe most software is too complex. Therefore we make sure Sunnybox is approachable software that allows you to achieve more with less effort. Make it small. Make it dead simple.

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You can try out Sunnybox for FREE via a 14 days trial period to a plan subscription.