Security at Sunnybox

Your Expertise, Our Commitment

At Sunnybox, we’re dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of security. As we grow and innovate, we recognize the invaluable role of the security research community in safeguarding the digital landscape.

A Collaborative Effort

If you’re a security researcher and have discovered a potential vulnerability in our system, we want to hear from you. Your insights are not just welcome, they’re essential for us to ensure the safety and reliability of our service.

How to Report

Please send your findings to Include a detailed description of the potential vulnerability and, if possible, steps to reproduce it. We take every report seriously and will investigate promptly.

Our Promise

While Sunnybox is currently in a bootstrapping phase, we are committed to responding to and addressing security concerns swiftly. Your contribution will be acknowledged, and we’ll ensure that any identified issues are resolved as quickly as possible.

Together, Making a Difference

Your expertise can help us create a safer, more robust platform. Let’s work together to protect and enhance Sunnybox for everyone.