16 Nov 2023

Open Source Contribution - Mail Autoconfig Revived

At Sunnybox.io, we’re thrilled to announce our latest open-source contribution: “Mail Autoconfig Revived”, a fork and revival of the mail_autoconfig gem. This initiative embodies our commitment to giving back to the community and enhancing the email integration experience for our users.

The mail_autoconfig gem, is designed to detect and parse Thunderbird autoconfig files for any domain, was a valuable tool for automatic email configuration. However, it had been dormant for some time. Recognizing its potential, we decided to breathe new life into this project, updating it to support the latest Mozilla Internet Service Provider Database (ISPDB) location and format.

Our primary goal was to improve the efficiency of adding email accounts to Sunnybox.io. With the updated “Mail Autoconfig Revived,” integrating email accounts with our service is now faster and more seamless than ever. Users can expect a smoother, more automated process when connecting their email accounts.

While “Mail Autoconfig Revived” currently works as a drop-in replacement, we’re not stopping there. We plan to introduce new features, such as DNS SRV Records and general DNS lookups, to further enhance its functionality.

We believe in the power of open-source software and community collaboration. “Mail Autoconfig Revived” is available for the community to use, modify, and improve. We encourage feedback and contributions; if you spot any omissions or errors, please feel free to submit a patch.

For more information about autoconfiguration, you can visit Mozilla’s autoconfiguration documentation. The autoconfig file format is detailed here.

This is just one of the ways Sunnybox.io is dedicated to improving the developer experience and contributing to the wider open-source community. Stay tuned for more updates and enhancements as we continue to evolve and expand our services.

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